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We Serve to Save Them All


Every canine has been evaluated by a vet for medical, a trainer for behavioral, has up to date vaccines and is altered before being placed with their new family. A series of socialization tests are conducted for each individual canine to ensure the BEST fit family and environment is selected.


Hope Rose Project was established in 2018 to train behaviorally challenged canines in home to avoid owner surrenders. Bites and fights do not scare us! Unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray canines facing euthanasia are FOSTER-TRAINED by Hope Rose Project. We rehabilitate, train, and attempt to find suitable forever families for them.


To end euthanasia by attempting to save every canine we can through training, rehabilitation, enrichment programs, and partnerships.



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Ace was found on a dirt lot wandering with another rescue Chloe. They were emaciated, covered in hundreds of ticks, and both suffering a skin infection. Today Ace has made a complete come back living with his new family. Ace has kids to kiss in the morning and a fur sister to train with in the evening. He is on a strict exercise routine with RunBuddy Mobile to help rebuild his strength. This weekend Ace will accompany his father for an elk hunt. We couldn't be happier for Ace and the amazing life he is living :)


After four months of rehabilitation, Skye was walking in the park one day when a little girl and boy came running up to her out of nowhere. Their mom was running right behind and knew why her kids felt so drawn to Skye, she felt it too. Skye was renamed as Mama Pie, and walks side by side with her mom daily as a service dog. You see her mom was attacked one day while hiking alone, now she has the strength to do life again, hike again, and be herself with Mama Pie by her side <3


Tasia was adopted by her Foster Family who dedicates every day to enriching this big girls life! Sweet T spends her weeks running with RunBuddyMobile, playing with her fur friends at Camp Bow Wow and resting up in her TP for nightly bed time stories. Not only does T now have TWO siblings but she also has foster siblings coming and going at all times. Her fur parents are AMAZING!


Trooper was found running down Maricopa and the 347. He was adopted as a service dog and placed with an amazing family where he has multiple fur siblings! We are sooo happy for you Trooper!


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