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Rescued by Doggie Bonez Rescue

Meet Blue Blue is a sweet 2-year-old Staffie/ Bull Mix. He is a compact guy weighing about 50 pounds. Everything was going along great for him until his family broke apart. He was then moved into an apartment complex, where they do not allow dogs, so the owners thought of the great idea to lock him up in a bathroom while they are at work. Luckily a family friend intervened and contacted us at Doggie Bonez. Blue is in boarding with us and is starting to get a bit of anxiety being cooped up all day. He had lived in a home and was around people or chilling in his apartment during the day. He enjoys exploring outside, he enjoys belly rubs and is a curious sweet dog. When we take Blue out on his walks, we have discovered he loves the water, he loves to walk on the grass and he is incredibly intelligent. Everyone stops and wants to pet Blue as he is very handsome. He is so much fun. He loves other dogs, he loves people and children. He is affectionate, loyal, obedient, moderate temperament a

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