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Rescued by Doggie Bonez Rescue

Daisy is our American Bulldog Staffie mix. She is a compact nugget of love and controlled energy. Once she claims you as hers, she’s as loyal as they come. She loves to go on hikes, go the harbor, look for lizards and snuggle up. She was used as a breeding dog and then cast away when she wasn’t able to have more pups. She takes a little bit of time to trust new people. We adore her. Update: Daisy was returned from her original foster home in January because she was left alone for long periods of time and she was not getting along with all of the family members. We brought her back to boarding and she was becoming more and more frustrated. A friend of Doggie Bonez, Albert, offered to foster her. He has 4 other dogs. We were apprehensive at first. We thought Daisy was going to be territorial and possibly aggressive. Boy were we wrong. She is thriving at his house. She goes on walks with some of the other dogs. She hangs out by his pool and he is working on some of her training. She has b

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