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Rescued by Looking Glass Animal Rescue

Jack's foster family says: One look at Jack and you are blown away at how beautiful he is. So shiny and regal looking, he is a super model in the doggie world with those eyes. He has had a very tough life and we are looking for that special someone to show him that he really does matter. Jack was purchased from a breeder and subsequently relegated to a garage for the next 2.5 years of his life. We are told that he was only given a 4x4 area to relieve himself, twice a day, which also happened to be the place where he was fed and watered. Hardly the Ritz Carlton... As you can imagine, his lack of socialization and any kind of proper upbringing has caused him some challenges. For example, he has no idea how to walk on a leash. He gets frustrated and reactive and all sorts of baffled by the concept and therefore it is something that we are now working with him on. He has never really been around his own kind for that matter, another situation that we are helping him with to be sure.

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