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Rescued by Looking Glass Animal Rescue

Red's foster family says: Red is the neediest, most loving dog you will ever meet. He just wants to be loved and next to his human at all times. In fact, the only time he can stand to be in a separate room from us is when we let him sleep on the sofa in living room at night. He will cuddle up to me any time and loves a good belly rub. Red would best be paired with someone looking for a constant companion. Red is VERY obedient and will listen to whatever you tell him… but he loses focus quickly because he is easily excitable and afraid you will leave him. He will sit, stay, ‘go lie down’, come, wait, get into car. He just wants to please. He needs an experienced owner that is willing to help him overcome his separation anxiety. He is worth it. Red is available through Looking Glass Animal Rescue, a 503(c)(3) nonprofit. We require an adoption application, reference checks and home visit. A tax-deductible adoption fee is required. All dogs are altered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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