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Rescued by Looking Glass Animal Rescue

I'm Rocky and everyone tells me I'm ridiculously cute and tiny (I am), and then they try to figure out my ancestry. I'm a Pocket Pittie, with Basset feet/legs, and maybe Rottweiler coloring? Who knows? Who cares? I'm me, and I'm adorable! Volunteer put an argyle pattern coat on me, and although I'm really not an argyle kind of a guy, I do look dashing, and it kept me warm. I love to meet new people, and always wag my tail to let people know I'm friendly. I sit for treats, but I'm too thin, so I'm a bit grabby with them...sorry. They're feeding me an extra meal each day to help me gain some weight. My person left me here as she didn't have time for me anymore, but told people that I'm housetrained, don't guard my things, am friendly and playful, like to take brisk walks, and slept in their bedroom on a blanket on the floor. I like other dogs and was gentle in soliciting play with a female in playgroup.So to sum up, I'm a super cute, friendly guy who likes everyone and is looking for a

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