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Rescued by One Love Pit Bull Foundation

Mack greets every day determined to make the most of it! He has a ton of love to give and is always down for a good snuggle. He is a goofy and fun loving boy with a sweet personality. ​ A few years ago, Mack came us from a suspected dog fighting bust in Laveen. The Arizona Humane Society Animal Cops removed him from the scene. Mack was held as evidence, along with 13 other dogs until the owner signed them over. While it is important to share where Mack came from to show his resilience and what a special guy he is, we want to focus on who he is now, and what he has been doing the past few years! Mack is simply a really happy go lucky, energetic fella who literally lives for snugs. He truly has a precious innocence about him and we just him to pieces. ​ Age: 3 Size: Medium ​ Mack has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. ​ Read Mack's full story: https://projectpalaz.com/2017/08/22/meetmack/

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