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Sara (Blind / Deaf)


Rescued by Nobody's Perfekt Dogs

Chihuahua Age: 14 years Female, Spayed 9 lbs Adoption Fee: Donation (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations) Sara was adopted from the Hayward Animal Shelter 13 years ago as a young dog. She was recently abandoned outside a vet's office near the shelter. Attempts to reach the family that originally adopted her were unsuccessful. She arrived blind and in pain from severe cataracts, corneal scars and eye disease. She also had some rotten teeth. Nobody's Perfekt Dogs paid for her the removal of both eyes and a complete dental (only 6 teeth needed to be removed). She had a rough recovery (allergic reaction to a vaccine, very strong pain meds), but is starting to adjust to a life without her painful eyes and teeth. She is also deaf. Her appetite is good and she pees and poops when you take her outside. In spite of her medical condition, she is still a sweet little gal that allows handling, appreciates a lap and a gentle touch. She would do well with another small older dog that will keep her company. She probably wouldn't even know if she lived with cats. We recommend a home with no stairs, no kids, someone that can give her lots of attention for however she has left. Nobody's Perfekt Dogs will continue to financially support any future medical needs. For more information about Sara, please contact us at 510-459-0396 (cell / text) nobodysperfektdogs@comcast.net

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