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Rescued by Doggie Bonez Rescue

Hello Peeps,  I am Tank. Age; 30 going on 15. Dog Parks are my jam, playing ball, listening to all types of music genres from Reggae to Classic Rock. Quit smoking E-Cigs 6 months ago and just tried going vegan, but  I'm carnivore at heart, What? I am a dog. My family, upped and took off for Texas, dang it, can you imagine all of the BBQ joints I am missing?  That is okay, cuz luckily I was found by Doggie Bonez.  This Vegan thing has me a bit skinny, but I ready to take on the world. I love people, friendly with most pups and still looking for Mrs. Right (or Mrs. Right now) Ruff. Actually I dig meeting new people! I just signed up for a Meet-Up Group on Thursday Evenings, so let's see how that goes. My Dad is a Lab and Mom is a Staffordshire Terrier. They were into traveling around California in their Air-Stream when they landed in San Juan Capistrano. Mom took a job as a Barista and Dad worked the grounds at the Mission.  Early on, most of my days were spent playing with my brothers and sisters, chasing lizards and playing in the sprinklers. I have a ton of energy, curious about how things work, and have not had much supervision over these past few years.  They say, I tested off the charts smart on some test I took once, which was challenging to fill in those spaces with my paws... I am resourceful though.  Looking forward to meeting some new faces! I am like Mario Andretti, no rear view mirrors.  Ciao for Now.

I'd like to know more about Tank!

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