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Rescued by Doggie Bonez Rescue

Meet Freckles a Corgi Terrier Mix who doesn’t know she is a dog. She’s been treated like a princess since she was just 9 months old and acts more human than canine. Freckles is now 7 years old having been rescued at 9 months old from the shelter. For the first 9 months of Freckles little life, she was severely neglected. She had no idea how to play, how to interact with other dogs or even humans. She had to learn everything with fresh eyes. Her loving family has taken great care of her, patiently teaching her how to play, to perform basic commands and to interact with other animals and people. They have invested in training and caring for her as part of their family. She goes on her daily walks which she loves and attends Doggy Day Care. She is very loyal, affectionate and loving. She loves to play tug of war with her toys, especially her stuffed toy animals. Freckles loves to watch TV and is fascinated with the nature channel. Freckles has been to playgroup and gets along well with other dogs. She has a bit of an "Alpha" personality, and can try to get her own way, but responds well to discipline She is needing to be rehomed because her family had to move and has new strenuous work hours which leaves Freckles alone for many hours a day. They feel they cannot take care of her the way she deserves and want to see her live out her years in a loving and committed home. They are devastated to have to make this decision but feel that it is in her best interest. Her current family wants her to be with a loving and caring family or individual who can spend the time with her that she deserves. She will give back more love than you could ever imagine.

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