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Rescued by Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc.

My name is Jason! I am a six year old Hound/Pointer mix with a heart of gold. I am with a great rescue called Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR). I would love a home and family to call my own. There are so many like me, who need a second chance to know love. Shelter babies are not damaged. They are just a little more experienced at life, and have seen a little more than others. However, that's what makes us great! We are the most grateful and loving babies you will ever meet! If you are thinking of adding a FUR baby to your family, consider adopting a rescued one. You won’t regret it! I had a rough start in life, but I never let that break me. I was born into a scary situation. My mommy was scared when she gave birth to me and my siblings. She had a mean owner that made us fight each other. I wouldn’t fight, so he made me a bait dog. I was used to teach other dogs how to be mean. It hurt badly, but I held on and stayed strong. Although I lost my leg, I survived. I learned very young about the evil in this world. Once I couldn’t benefit my owner any longer, I was discarded like trash. My heart hurt deeply, and I missed my home. It was a scary home, but the only one I knew. However, my life was about to change! After being abandoned, I was brought into a noisy place called a shelter. It was a little scary, but the people there seemed nice. They nursed me back to health, and amputated my mangled leg. It no longer hurt, and it was so much easier to get around. I was soon adopted by a nice couple who took me home to love me forever. I was happier than I had ever been! I had my own bed, my own food, and three furbaby brothers to play with! Life was good! Soon though, my new mommies started to not get along. They decided to go their separate ways, and one mommy took me and my brothers to another state. I guess she didn’t love me anymore, because she dumped me on the highway to fend for myself. My heart was broken all over again. After spending many cold nights alone, someone found me. They brought me to another shelter, where my other mommy was called to come get me. My microchip was my saving grace this day. She came to take me home, and I was happy. Although my mommy loved me very much, she could not properly care for me. So once again, I was sent away. Luckily, I ended up in great hands, and my foster mommy loves me dearly! I still get anxious when I have to spend too much time alone, but who can blame me really? I am now looking for my forever home, where I can feel safe and loved. We start all of our adoptions with a one week sleepover, so you know everything there is to know before finalizing the adoption.

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