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Rescued by Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc.

Bio written by Kimberly Ryan The story of a dog named Bella. I met Bella almost two years ago when I volunteered to pick her up from a failed sleepover. The lady handed her over to me and Bella was just so happy to meet me as if she was going on an adventure! This is her demeanor wherever she goes. She's Not a sad dog who is afraid of what comes or afraid of where she is at the moment. She embraces all of her new surroundings with pure innocence and trust in so many humans who have failed her. Bella knows what she wants and lets you know! She needs her human to give her what she needs and let Her know who the boss is. Once that is established this girl can thrive and she will become the most loyal girl you have ever met. I fostered Bella for quite a few months and I wished I knew back then the rules of Bella. With my easy going demeanor and my love will fix everything approach to dogs, I was not helping Bella at all. Bella has been in training and had found her Mama who had her for quite a while. She did wonderful until her mama needed surgery and couldn't keep her any longer. It made it difficult with the impending visit of her aged parents. I picked Bella up once again, once again she was up for an adventure. Until I had to bring her to boarding. Her last night was in bed with her mama cuddled up on a soft bed, all the comforts of home. I spent the day playing with her , treating her to special foods she loved and just loving her. I set up her bed in the kennel and she was ok but I wasn't. She loves intense as if she wants to tell you please believe me I love you !! Please hold me!! Please keep me!! She communicates like no other dog I've ever known. Bella has potential with the right person. I have always seen her taking runs on a beach with her man. A man she can look up to and trust , one who can handle her with love but yet a guiding voice she will respect. She needs mental stimulation, she needs love , exercise and patience. She is a young girl , loves children like crazy but not a good fit with small ones. She knows many commands. She isn't fond of cats , she did like one of my cats because he wasn't afraid of her. She takes treats very gently but must have treats that can be eaten fast as she tends to guard chews and toys. Loves to play fetch. There are so many wonderful qualities in Bella. Right now she is living in an outdoor sheltered kennel. She is being well cared for but she knows what she is missing and it makes it so hard. We start all of our adoptions with a one week sleepover, so you know everything there is to know before finalizing the adoption.

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