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Rescued by LOLA's Rescue

Meet Baxter! He is about 6 years old, and his life has been hard. We think he lived outside most of his life, and because of the extreme conditions he developed arthritis and spondylosis. But, this doesn't slow him down, or affect his mood. This boy is happy, happy, happy with his tail wagging all the time. He is very tolerant of other dogs and loves to show his affection to them. He wants nothing more than to be loved and a permanent part of your home. Baxter is so sweet, loving, gentle, housebroken, comfortable with the other dogs in his foster home, even the little dog. He sleeps and relaxes in a kennel with the door open. Some lucky family will LOVE this pup, and his foster home says he is "divine"!

I'd like to know more about Baxter!

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