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Rescued by Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue Inc

Suka is a great 12 mo old pup. She is strong willed like alot of Huskies. She doesn't like to be crated and we have been working on that she will go into the crate but then turns arounds and tries to snip at the handle when your locking it so That is why we say no small kids but she has been around small kids in the fenced in yard and does fine in there. She has been around other dogs and has done fine but she likes to be the boss until the other dog who also likes to be the boss lets her know she isn't gonna be and she will then run away from them. She loves to play and is now trained on a treadmill. She is fully vetted and Microchipped and on all Preventives. Husky Experience preferred for this one and someone willing to have training done with her because she is very smart and needs this. Also a fenced in yard is required.

I'd like to know more about Suka!

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