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Rescued by Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue Inc

Baron needs someone who will have time for him and where he can be the only dog. He needs someone who will work with him because he gets nervous and will chase his tail. He doesn't do this when walking on a leash but when you stop he will do it for a few minutes. He is getting better about not doing it. He rides great in my truck and doesn't do it when riding. He just needs someone who has patience and can work with him. He needs to be the only dog because so far he doesn't seem to get along with other dogs we have introduced him to but he is young and can be taught to if with the right person. He is friendly with people. We have done Xrays on him and other medical test and there is no Neurological problems or health issues. He just needs the right person so he can trust and not have to be nervous when something new is around him. He is now also gaining weight because as you see in the pics he was really skinny when we got him.

I'd like to know more about Baron!

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