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Rescued by Humane Society of Alamance County

Winnie is a very loving and faithful dog who thinks she is a lap dog! She is active during the day and enjoys games of tug of war and fetch but, at 8 pm, she turns into a pumpkin and just wants to cuddle and sleep. Hiking, running, and swimming are just a few of her favorite activities. She is extremely smart--she'll ring a bell on the door to let you know she needs to go out. She also knows how to sit and shake and will go to her crate and wait for you to shut the door as soon as you give her the command. Winnie is very loyal and protective but does has anxiety and worries about the well-being of her “pack”. Therefore, the fewer people in the home, the less stressed she will be. She would make a wonderful companion for a family, couple or single person with older children or teens. She does love playing with other dogs and loves to go to doggy day care for socialization. A fenced in yard would be ideal for this strong girl to burn off energy and she would certainly benefit from in depth, obedience training. If you've been looking to adopt an active and social pup, Winnie is most definitely your girl.

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