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Rescued by GetALong Dachshund Rescue

Meet ROCKET! 6 years old and 18 pounds of love that, despite his name, is mostly very mellow! Rocket, although generally a laid back guy, really enjoys literally racing around! He is a big lover, and super cuddly. His forever home will want to have a few stuffed animals for him, because he really loves to toss them about! He will happily play with them on his own, or you can play fetch with him! However, he will bring his animals back to you as he pleases. Rocket is a very sweet boy, and will be a perfect companion for someone who wants a true cuddle bug! You may notice in his photos, that he is BALD! Aside from a sprout of hair (mullet!) on his head, toes and tail, he has no hair. This means that he does get cold and needs a bit of special attention. He requires bathing every few days, and (pet friendly) lotion applied to his skin. He will also require a consistent wardrobe of shirts...as he does in his warm foster home in Florida. His foster mom has found that he prefers to wear a shirt rather than be 'naked'. Rockets new parent(s) MUST allow him to sleep with them at night, in the big bed, and UNDER the covers! This is a necessity for this little guy. He really, really NEEDS to be completely under blankets, pretty much all of the time. He will sometimes sneak his way out, for a quick breath or two, but mostly- especially during cool weather, he will insist on staying underneath the covers the whole night. It's odd, but that's what he likes! Rocket needs to be in a home that will keep him warm and during cool weather he must be kept very warm. Rocket gets along well with other dogs and kitties and is submissive most of the time but occasionally his ‘big dog’ comes out and he will get what he wants! He does tend to bark and become aggravated, somewhat randomly at dogs/people when he meets new people and dogs out in the big world, but his foster mom is working on this with him. He is house trained, and crate trained but he does need to be reminded that it is time to go outside at regular intervals or there will be accidents. Like all dachshunds he will need to be confident in his environment to have good potty habits. All rescue dogs go thru a period of adjustment so understanding and patience is important. Rocket loves to have his own space and enjoys his crate for his alone time. He loves to just hang out in his crate when he wants to be quiet. He does not chew on anything, ever but LOVES stuffed animals to play with! This happy little guy is waiting for a special home to call his very own. Are you looking for love? Rocket is your guy!

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