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Rescued by Hope Rose Project

Brenna was found wandering San Tan Mountain. She went to live with an amazing family who rescued her from the desert. They grew to love her sweet and silly personality but noticed a new instinct she was acting upon, hunting. Since her rescuers lived on a farm Brenna began acting upon her genetic instinct to hunt the small farm animals. That was not the best fit for Brenna or the farm, so Hope Rose Project took miss Brenna in and has been working with her on her behaviors, especially on how to control her impulses. Brenna has done amazing and even befriended other rescue canines such as Chloe the blue nose Pitt whom has now been adopted. Brenna is a strong girl, with an intelligent mind, and great control over her triggers. Since it is innate for Brenna to want to hunt we would REQUIRE a home with NO small animals. Brenna does do wonderful with children and trains with toddlers every Monday. To watch videos visit our instagram accounts at @AngelsForPaws & @HopeRoseProject

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