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Rescued by Dogs are Deserving

Buddy is a beautiful brown brindle with white on his chest, belly, and neck, plus white tube socks, and white on the tip of his tail. He also has some white on his muzzle with a faint line up his nose. His black nose is a little heart-shaped. One of his floppy ears is split about a half inch, so we can only guess he must have been injured at some point in his past. Buddy is super sweet and loves your attention. He seems happiest and most at-ease when near the other members of the household. He loves to just hang out with his people. His is attentive and connected. You can count on him to be your shadow. Funny quirks: He prefers to poop on bushes. He is a toy hoarder. He can’t wait to de-stuff stuffed toys. He loves to run around the yard with a ball in his mouth, stopping periodically to chew on it and get it soggy. And though he loves all treats, especially jerky, he will not reliably give up a soggy ball for a treat. Favorite places to get scratched: Behind his ears and around his neck. He also likes belly rubs, snuggles, treats, and well—-any kind of attention from anybody. Buddy is good with cats and dogs. Sometimes he becomes overly curious and may persistently invade a cat’s space, but he responds well to redirection. Buddy is very smart and knows to come when called, give paw, sit, off, down, leave it, and he is showing progress on stay. Buddy is really good with baths and likes riding in the car. He is not a fan of the cold, windy, snowy weather (who is?!) Buddy is crate trained and almost house trained. He’s still learning, but it’s coming along nicely. He walks well on a leash. If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please fill out an application at: https://www.dogsaredeservingrescue.com/adoptable-dogs/adoption-application/

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