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Rescued by Hope Rose Project

In February I got a call that there was a pup running around my neighborhood for 3 days with a dislocated shoulder. People had been chasing him, men cornered him, & he began to feel defensive & started snapping at anyone trying to rescue him. He didn�t know they meant well since all signs are pointing to his previous family dumping him I don�t blame his trust issues. I knew I needed to be gentle & easy with my approach to gain his trust. By doing so we built an immediate positive relationship & he has not once tried to nip me, rather he fell asleep instantly in my lap. After rescuing this pup I took him to the vet where we found he was chipped and that he had a name, Diesel. I contacted his owners named Scott and Penny who �claimed� to have rehomed Diesel their dog of over 6 years because he was fighting with their other Pitbull, fair reasoning. Yet, she had no number, address, or even a name of the new family her beloved canine of over 6 years went too. Neither of the owners asked how Diesel was doing, if he was okay, even after I said he appears to be injured & has been on the run for days. Instead she said, if you can�t find the owners I would take him to the pound. I then explained the chances a 7 year old, male, injured, Pitbull that has already been biting people out of fear had in county and that it�s essentially slim to zero chance of survival... she said she couldn�t take him even to separate in a crate for a few days like they had apparently done in the past. I explained that my house is only built to support one aggressive foster at a time that me taking in Diesel would put him at risk. Penny did not care. I sent penny a nice message concluding her ownership of Diesel & letting her know how she has failed him at this time. Hopefully Penny & Scott somehow see this post & realize what they�ve done to an innocent life & do NOT make the same mistake with their other Pitbull. Thankfully Diesel was running in front of an aggressive dog trainers home. He got lucky, & is now an @angelsforpaws rescue with an amazing foster & has an awesome foster sister also former #HopeRoseRescue mama Pie.

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