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Rescued by Kodiak's Place: Rescue/ Rehabilitate/ Re-Home

Update: Adoption Pending Are you an introvert who loves to stay at home but wants a loving & protective dog companion to cuddle with? Then Rufio may be the right dog for you! *Experienced dog owners only* Rufio in a nut shell: He is a a handsome young boy who loves to cuddle, play tug of war, lay on the couch, play with his doggy siblings and his humans, and howl with his human. Rufio is a homebody and prefers to stay in the house, he would rather walk on a treadmill than go outside for a walk. He has been through a lot of training and does really well on leash around other people but off leash he is protective and even aggressive towards people who are not what he considers his humans. He is a Tervuren and has high protective guard instincts. He loves his doggy siblings (dogs that live in the home with him) but is not a huge fan of meeting new dogs as it stresses him out so no dog park trips for him. He can be dog selective so make sure to bring your current pups with you for meet and greet. He tends to like lower energy dogs medium and large dogs or small dogs (smaller seems to be his favorite). He has done well visiting other animals too such as leopard geckos, goats, horses, even camels! (He only visited and has not lived with these animals) However, he absolutely hates cats and birds look tasty to him. You can read more on our fb files and see more pictures of Rufio: https://www.facebook.com/groups/876631759120567/

I'd like to know more about Rufio!

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