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Rescued by W.O.W. Dog Rescue

Complete an application at www.wowdogrescue.org IF INTERESTED in this dog. Don't miss out on Simba by emailing us to see if he is still available. (if he is adopted, we make the change right away on our website) www.wowdogrescue.org  Because we all work, it isn't always easy for us to get back to you timely,​​ so you can often miss out if your application is not in when we review them.. Your application stays with us for 90 days, so if you miss out on this one.. keep looking, we want you to rescue a dog!!​ ​Sweet, cuddly and loveable, but NOT necessarily in that order. This little guy will win your heart and everyone else's because his personality is just awesome! A stray boy...well kind of...he was seen being "dumped off" on the  side of the road by an SUV.. After waiting and hoping that it was an incident of a possible "breakup" and there would be someone still wanting him back...nothing.  Whatever the un - acceptable reason was, this little boy deserves far more than than that... He enjoys being held, and coddled ... likes men (which is always nice and tells you a tad about his past too), and lucky for him the foster is just lovin the heck out of him!! The name "Simba" came from his wild hair, lion'ish. We believe he is Cairn Terrier with Yorkshire Terrier breed. One of the photos look like Toto from the wizard of Oz (but a blond!) LOL Simba is Living in a foster home that has pet allergies, and they are not having any issues with his hair/dander. The foster brushes him daily and do find small amounts of hair on their clothing occasionally. He is going potty outside (goes to door and whines ),  there is no doggy door to let you know if he would use that. As you can see in the photos he loves getting a good belly rub and LOVES going for walks and car rides are ok too. He is a good boy and sleeps in a crate at night. ​Simba's weight is 10lb and is approx 3 yrs old. Simba's adoption fee is set at $250.00 ​If you are interested in Simba, PLEASE complete an application. Most everything we know about our dogs is in the bio..so please read it so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your lifestyle. Once an application is received, it will go in that dog's file for review. IF you are chosen for Simba, you will get a call for him and will  have 3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine) before we go to the next person of interest. *The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website: www.wowdogrescue.org Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page. THANKS for wanting to Rescue!! ​PSSSSSS....did you hear that many folks are fostering because they know that we provide everything while in their care, and they also have 1st chance at adopting the dog! A WIN WIN.. a great trial time to see if this dog will fit into your home life,

I'd like to know more about Simba!

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