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Rescued by Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado

Rico is just two years old and neutered and in a big city shelter in CO because he had not been acting as he should. But with no guidance, how is he to know how to act? Rico jumped the 4' fence twice, yet he stayed put most of the time, despite having no exercise. Remember, Dalmatians were bred to run 50-100 miles a day in the old days in England when they trotted with the carriage horses. Sitting home alone in the yard usually means a dog needs to find entertainment and to get some exercise. While Rico is great with all people, he can be testy sometimes with other dogs, especially male dogs. He is housebroken, has good house manners but has been abandoned rather than being taught what is expected in his home. Contact Beth at beth@dalmatianrescueco.org in Colorado to learn more. Rico is urgently in need of a foster home, where he will have boundaries set and taught to get along. Beth is available for consulting to make this a good connection.

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