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Rescued by Chica

Chica is a very friendly loving dog. She love to be pet and likes to sleep most of the day. She has been a wonderful dog but we are no longer able to keep her. We have another smaller dog. She is a chihuahua mix. In the middle of the night while sleeping inside our home something made Chica put her mouth around the little dogs head resulting in her right eye being popped out of its socket. The small dog recovered but lost the eye. We have had the two dogs together for over 6 years and nothing has ever happened before.If we hadn't been right there the small dog would probably have died from shock. We have come to the painful realization that this could happen again and we simply can't take the chance. Chica would be a wonderful dog for either a single person or couple without other dogs around or children. She has never been aggressive to children or adults so this is being said just as a precaution. She has been taken to obedience school where she graduated and the trainer deemed her as non aggressive. Since pit bulls have such a bad reputation I am forced to try this alternative of finding her a forever home. My wife rescued her from the streets of Bakersfield on a very hot summer day where she was starving. She was so thin that we didn't even know that she was a pit bull. We nursed her back to health and then went about finding out about the breed and also found the trainer that told us that she was non aggressive. She has been a joy to us and I am heartbroken to have to try and find a home for her. Above all else we don't want to see her used as bait for dog fights or abused in any way since this so often happens to pit bulls. She can not breed . We had her fixed right after we found her and was healthy enough to have that procedure done. We would just like to find a wonderful loving home for her since the alternative would be putting her to sleep since so far we have been unable to find her a home.

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