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Princess was caught in a trap, by animal control. She was a feral puppy who had never known the loving touch of a human hand. After being rescued from the shelter, she was so fearful that she spent a month hiding in the closet and only coming out , when no one was around, to eat and potty. She would not make eye contact and would flinch at any touch. Slowly she started coming around and would sneak in to the bed at night and let you pet her. Fast forward and one day she actually made her way outside and started to 'Dog'. Now, she is a 9 month old, 45 pound Puppy. She does not know how big she is and is sometimes a little rough. But, she loves to play!! She is still learning to share and is still a bit fearful of people. She is going to need a very patient family and I would suggest no small children. We have not been able to get a harness on her, to work with her on a leash. I would say that she would be a flight risk so she is going to need a very secure yard. She is spayed, micro chipped and up to date on vaccinations. If you feel that you can give Princess a patient and loving home, please contact us.

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