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Rescued by W.O.W. Dog Rescue

PLEASE Complete an application at www.wowdogrescue.org IF INTERESTED in this dog. Don't miss out on Ollie by emailing us to see if he is still available. (if he is adopted, we make the change right away on our website) www.wowdogrescue.org Because we all work, it isn't always easy for us to get back to you timely,​​ so you can often miss out if your application is not in when we review them.. Your application stays with us for 90 days, so if you miss out on this one.. keep looking, we want you to rescue a dog!!​ Ollie is a owner surrender, and he was adopted from a shelter. He is 1-1/2yrs old, and has a lot of puppy in him. He is housetrained and loves toys and the outdoors. He weighs in at 30lbs and we believe he is a terrier mix. He has a funny coat of hair, with a longer lock of hair going down his back and on the top of his head. Gorgeous colors in him, and a unique boy that will play or lounge with you. Perhaps if you hike, this would make him happy too. He knows 2 commands. Sit and down. It is obvious that he was never walked on a leash before but because he is a smart boy, he could be taught quickly by repetition. ​We are checking out how he is with other dogs, but he is a hard player, so we feel a dog under 30 lbs would not be a good fit. Small children/ toddlers would not be a good fit either as he is PUPPY and hyper, and would knock them over. He is a sweet boy, very smart and a medium to small dog. If he sounds like the dog you are wanting, please apply now as he is ready for his forever home. He is neutered and all shots have been given, and he has a microchip too. Ollies adoption fee is set at $250.00. If you are interested in Ollie, PLEASE complete an application. Most everything we know about our dogs is in the bio..so please read it so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your lifestyle. Once an application is received, it will go in that dog's file for review. IF you are chosen for Ollie, you will get a call for him and will have 3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine) before we go to the next person of interest. *The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website, www.wowdogrescue.org Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page. THANKS for wanting to Rescue!! ***Pssss, have you heard if you become a foster with W.O.W Dog Rescue, and fall in love with him/her...you have 1st chance at adopting it! (W.O.W also gives you a "Welcome Bag", full of items needed while in foster care.... food/bowls/collar/leash/harness/toys/puppy-pads and crate if needed etc). Not only will you be saving a life, you will be able to see if this dog fits into your lifestyle. A WIN WIN for a possible life long commitment!

I'd like to know more about ollie!

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