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Rescued by Paw Patrol Dayton

Meet Farrah. This little lady has been on the run. Why? No one knows... Even she can't remember why she started running to begin with. When she was rescued from the streets she was afraid of a leash, crates, and didn't trust people. Slowly she's learning people aren't so bad. She really likes to be around other dogs and they help her feel comfortable. With people, it takes her a little while to warm up to each new person. She is still learning to trust all those crazy hands coming at her. After all... lots of people tried to grab her when she was on the loose... and she didn't know if they were there to help or hurt her. She's heard that she'd be the perfect lap dog if she just liked laps. But that's going to take some time. It's awesome how far she's come already though. She walks on a leash pretty well. She is crate trained and prefers to potty outside but she is puppy pad trained as well. For more information on Farrah go to www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

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