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Blackie Chan


Rescued by Paw Patrol Dayton

Blackie Chan is a charming old man looking for his retirement home. This 10-year-old blind man found himself locked up in a shelter. Blackie Chan is a larger sharpei weighing in at 60 lbs. He is house trained and loves people. He doesn't mind children who don't bother him much except maybe the occasional pet. We do think he shouldn't live in a home with small children though. He is good with dogs but does not want any young whippersnappers playing with him. As many sharpei's do, he has chronic dry eye. This means he will need eye medicine for the rest of his life. These meds are not expensive and he stands calmly while you put them in. Blackie chan likes to spend his days sniffing around the yard, eating, sleeping and receiving a little love. Blackie Chan should have a fenced yard so e doesn't wander off. He likes to sun himself and walk all over the yard. a lot of exercise other than a few daily outings in the yard. You should research the breed if this would be your first sharpei.

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