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Lost a dog

1) Post signs all over your neighborhood including local vet offices.

2) Check your county animal control and Humane Society daily, we suggest you actually go there every day.

3) Report your dog missing on Dog Rescue Spot and several other Lost Dog website.

4) Contact: Lostmydoggie.com, they can do the legwork for you.

5) Immediately get a collar and tag on your dog and get a microchip.

Found a stray dog

1) Take it to the nearest vet, shelter or large Pet Store Chain and see if it is chipped.

2) Post signs all over the neighborhood you found the dog including local vet offices.

3) Email vets with picture of dog within a 5 mile radius of finding the dog.

4) Post the lost dog on Dog Rescue Spot and several other Lost Dog websites.

5) If you cannot keep the dog, contact a local non-kill shelter in your area.

Report Animal Cruelty

Be an advocate for safe dogs and report animal cruelty immediately! Go to Pet-Abuse.com to find the local abuse hotline in your area.

Don't Chance Losing your Beloved Dog


One in three pets go missing at sometime in their life. A dog microchip can help your dog return to you quickly and safely. An electronic Microchip can be inserted by a special syringe at your local vets office. The chip has a unique ID number that is stored in a database. This number is only associated with your dog and when pulled up has your name, address and phone number attached. Contact your local vet to get the Microchip. The cost is between $25-80.

Collars with Tags

This is the easiest way of getting your dog back safely. Collars with tags provide instant access to your dogs name and phone number.

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